Anyone can sell a house. But to get the best price fast requires some expert planning. That’s why you hire a Realtor. You want someone who has a plan that will get you the best results. Justin’s plan gets you those results by following one central guiding principle: CREATE VALUE.

The essential ingredient in everything however is price. If you haven’t accurately hit the market value of your home, your listing falls apart. The following complementary services outline how Justin skillfully aligns all the pieces together to create the most value for your home. 


The better your home presents to prospective buyers, the wider the appeal. The wider the appeal, the greater the demand. But to get people in the door, we need to promote your home to the widest audience. Without broad-based promotion, nobody can see our amazing presentation. 
The essential ingredient in everything however is price. If you haven’t accurately hit the market value of your home, your listing falls apart. The following complementary services outline how Justin skillfully aligns all the pieces together to create the most value for your home. 


A complimentary, professional home staging consultation  will help make your home look the most appealing to the widest group of buyers. 


Gone are the days of just having good curb-appeal. Nowadays we’ve got to have amazing web-appeal. Creating value online simply doesn’t happen with smartphone pictures and bad lighting. Selling with Justin means your listing will stand apart with cutting edge digital media that sizzles. 

professional photography
& cinematic video

Justin only works with gifted professionals  who ensure each photo frames the value contained in your home.  And with video, don’t think shaky, motion-sick video. Think slick, cinematic video that captures the best features of your property.

Aerial video & photos

If you’re property is close to water, near a ravine, or has appealing acreage, you better believe that stunning aerial footage will draw a crowd. 

3D HOME Experience

Bring your listing to life with a 3D immersive experience that goes beyond a virtual tour. A 3D Home Experience is where buyers can move through your home  online and see it from any angle. Its distinct Dollhouse view gives a complete unique sense of the property.

marketing & promotion

Once your presentation is nailed, it needs to get out to the widest possible audience of qualified buyers. Justin’s extensive marketing portfolio swings for the fences in this next step of creating value and driving demand.


As a member of both the Barrie (BDAR) and Toronto (TREB) real estate boards, you’ll get your listing in front of an enormous group of buyers and agents.

Social Media Advertising

Your listing will be a part of multiple exclusive ad campaigns on sites like Facebook & Instagram. These ads are targeted to specific regions and demographics of buyers that would be more likely to purchase your home.

Online Advertising

Appearing on mainstream websites, these ads are targeted at people who have displayed online habits typical of imminent homebuyers. They can click to see your listing and book a showing.

Custom Feature Booklet

Qualified buyers who view your home will be able to take home a professional reminder of their experience. This magazine-like booklet features large photographs, feature highlights, and surrounding amenities that will provide a great reference for their visit and decision making process.


Capture buyers’ attention with a For Sale sign that stands out day or night with a clean design, an eye-catching size, and reflective lettering. Plus, if your property has a special feature like acreage, a second legal suite, waterfront, etc., that feature will be displayed with a secondary rider sign. 

Strategic Open Houses

In todays real estate market, the Open House is something people tend to have mixed feelings about. Based on your particular market niche and comfort level, Justin will work with you to formulate the best strategy for your open house.

Listing Website

Your home will be featured on it’s own page on Justin’s website that will have the ability to track view counts and can convert interested buyers into showing appointments.

Social Media Presence

When he’s not busy helping out his clients, Justin focuses a ton of energy on social media and Youtube to build a lasting online following based on his love of the community.

Best Brand Awareness

Listing with a RE/MAX agent like Justin, means you’re working with a franchise that Entrepreneur Magazine ranked #1 among real estate franchises worldwide and 7th among all franchises in 2018.


To get the most out of your presentation and promotion,  it’s absolutely essential you’ve got the right asking price. Reply on Justin to provide you with all the market information you need to design your perfect asking price. 

Market Driven Pricing

The savviest investors in real estate know that the market dictates pricing, not emotion or sentiment. That is why Justin provides the necessary market information and understanding needed for you to arrive at the best market value of your home.

Wait, there’s more!

Tailored Communication

Enjoy regular communication from your Realtor® at intervals you choose in methods you prefer. Whether it’s on the phone, text, email, Messenger or a mix of everything, Justin will treat your communications with integrity and confidentially.

Preferred Vendors

Whether you need a painter, contractor, lawyer, moving company or anyone else to get your jobs done, you can rely on Justin to provide you with recommendations of quality, insured professionals who will treat you with honesty and care.

Online Moving Concierge

When you list with Justin you’ll get access to an online concierge service that helps you connect utilities, update identification, update your address, get helpful advice and much more all in one convenient place. Can you say: Easiest. Move. Ever!

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